Miners ask to delay new trade regulation

The new Trade Ministry Regulation Number 39 Year 2014 recently introduced publicly raises criticisms among the coal miners. Coal mining big players such as IDX-listeds PT Adaro (ADRO) and PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) asked the government to review the regulation especially its implementation time. Those players’ request meet the likely unanimous opinions of most coal miners present in the event held by the government itself in socializing the regulation at Aryaduta Hotel today.

As released by the official source, basic provisions of Permendag No. 39/M-AG/PER/7/2014 on Rules of Coal Export and Coal Products released on July 15th Juli 2014 to be effectively implemented from September 1st  2014 are:
1. Enhancement of coal export and its products requires coal exporter license (known as ET ) from the trade ministry.
2. The trade ministry appoints surveyor to handle the technical verification throughout the barging processes including the loading and stuffing.


Miners may get the ET license by submitting written request with these attachments:

–         Copy of license either/and of Contract of Works, Coal Contract of Works (PKP2B), Operation Production Special IUP (IUPK), Operation Production IUP especially for Transportation and Sales, Operation Production IUP especially for Processing and Refining

–          Copy of tax registration number known as NPWP

–          Copy of company registered letter known as  TDP

–          Original recommendation letter from Energy and Mining


As for the miners petition for the pending of the regulation implementation because of less time to anticipate demurrage penalty,  the government convinced that  this regulation also open for casuistic solutions. One of the Trade Ministry officials present at the conference, Thamrin Latuconcina told Petromindo.com today: “We give our ears to discuss for case by case problems”.


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